I have come to believe that children with autism or ASD clearly demonstrate
their own personalities, as any other child may! This is almost never spoken of in literature related to Autism! Behavior related to personality is as common for children with autism as any typical child! They are humorous, mischievous, sarcastic, irritable, creative, bored, artistic, impatient, affectionate and caring, and empathic.... not descriptions not often associated with this population!




Autism has become a relatively well known neurologically based developmental disorder that has at its base, symptoms associated with impairments in socialization and communication skills, as well as sensori neural processing. This disorder has expanded ten times in prevalence over the past decade to an estimated 1 in 100 births in the United States. The occurrence across the globe has also grown dramatically, and many would say to epidemic proportions.

Autism Spectrum Disorders refer to the broad based
neurodevelopmental disorders that are similar in appearance to autism and also include impairments in social relatedness, the ability to communicate effectively, repetitive behavior patterns, and in processing of sensori-neural information. These disorders would include Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, or other Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Presentation in the Community: While the diagnostic symptoms are now well documented, how persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders present in the community is most often unique and extremely variable! Some persons show more language, higher levels of intelligence, or unique "genius skills"e.g., in memory of dates, music, names, etc. Conversely unusual gaps in communication skills, or social abilities, or odd or eccentric repetitive patterns of behavior are often seen. Children with Autism or ASD may appear as gifted and brilliant, or as mentally retarded, or as bizarre and weird, or as "in their own world"!


Early Treatment:boy_writing_2

Unlike past beliefs, persons with autism are typically very responsive to teaching and adaptive in learning to cope with their immediate world. They deserve the highest level of service and support to help them be successful in the community!

Autism affects persons at every developmental stage of life. With proper help, children and families can function better and learn to handle life situations very effectively to achieve a happy and fulfilling life.

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