Specialists involved in Autism treatment must have an extensive level of competence when working hands on with these special individuals, or when training others to provide services…. whether in the classroom, vocational training program, within the home, or in the community. business_training_2

Professionals, paraprofessionals, parents, or anyone involved in working with persons along the Autism Spectrum immediately face the absolute uniqueness of this population. The combination of strengths and challenges having to do with language, communication, social skills, sensori integration, or behavioral issues can be overwhelming for anyone attempting to set up a treatment plan!



Training content may vary depending on the focus, or audience. Common areas of training include comprehensive understanding of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavior theory and practice, psychopharmacology, sensori integration issues, use of visual prompts, social and community based skills, language and communication, managing classroom behavior, or many other topics specific to any group.

Dr. Kleber is available to provide trainings on many of the topics noted above, with extensive experience in presenting to a wide variety of groups in various settings.