All parents, teachers, and other professionals working with persons with an Autism Spectrum Disorder know the absolute value of teaching these individuals skills to survive and prosper within the greater community! All of the mastery gained in language, sensori perception, behavioral control MUST translate into smooth and functional interaction with others~ THAT is the crucial point in the myriad of services provided

Roys Adventures is finally here!  Discover this series of films that model social skills training for children and their families in community settings.  Go to Facebook/Roysadventures, or or @roysadventures on Twitter!  social_skills_photos_2

  • These teaching tools will address multiple developmental stages, and
  • with an emphasis on everyday routines, interactions, and social dilemmas!
  • These tools will take advantage of the recent research that has established clearer understanding of HOW persons with autism appraise and integrate social understanding and interaction!
  • These tools are designed for use by anyone interested in helping persons with ASD become more socially competent and aware!